Did an Elderly Woman Train 65 Cats to Steal from Her Neighbors?

Old people are not always sweet. An 83-year-old woman from Ohio was at the head of a thieves’ party despite her blessed age. However, she had no human henchmen, but she trained her 65 cats to steal valuables from her acquaintances.

The agents of the Columbus Police Department opened an investigation into the 83-year-old Ruth Gregson after several people reported missing glittering items after a visit from one of the woman’s cats. To investigate the suspicions, the police visited themselves at her home. In three hours time the cats brought in “hundreds of objects”, it sounds. After research, it turned out that there were jewelry in the home for 650,000 dollars or more than 560,000 euros. The police estimate that Mrs. Gregson’s henchmen have stolen something from more than 5,000 houses. The woman worked very cunningly. She only fed her cats if they had stolen something that day. So the animals had to go if they wanted to survive. In addition, they made sure that the cats were a little starved. Then there was a greater chance that unsuspecting neighbors would let them in.

According to Snopes, this is a fake story. The mug shot used in this story is real, but it shows another person. It’s a actually an image of Helen Staudinger, a 92-year-old central Florida woman who was arrested in March 2011, and accused of shooting at a neighbor who refused to kiss her. Reuters reported at the time.

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