Victoria Beckham uses face cream with her own blood

Victoria Beckham’s skin always looks flawless. That she gets a lot out of the closet is not surprising. But the newest addition to her skincare routine is surely remarkable. She uses a cream in which her own blood is processed.
The infamous cream is an invention of dermatologist Barbara Sturm. She often works with celebrities and specializes in aesthetic treatments that renew the skin, without changing your natural look. Of course, there is a price tag for hair care products: for the cream, you count about 1,100 pounds (1,242 euros). Not nothing, but if we can believe Beckham, it is more than worth it. Victoria Beckham posted the products on her Instagram profile. “@drbarbarasturm took some of my blood and created a healing cream made from my own cells, which have anti-inflammatory and innovative properties, and I will test this product in the morning and in the evening”, says Posh Spice. She also managed to report that the cream retracts well and does not feel sticky. “After sleeping on the product for a night, my skin feels great, so hydrated and pure! And very soft!”

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