Trump against 7-year-old you still believe in Santa Claus

There are questions that you simply do not ask. Just as you never ask a woman about her age and a nuclear scientist does not ‘what happens when you press the red button’, you never ask a child if he or she believes in Sinterklaas.

Because just asking the question shows a doubt that can lead to events of which the consequences are incalculable. In the US this also applies to the questioning of the existence of Santa Claus, who in terms of mythical proportions and his role in the lives of children is comparable to Sinterklaas.

But that kind of unwritten rule does not apply to the most powerful man in the world, President Donald Trump of the United States. Together with his wife Melania he helped the Norad.

That is the organization that monitors the airspace above the US and Canada. With Christmas this service has an extra service: she keeps an eye on Santa Claus, flying from the North Pole to the US in his sleigh with reindeer.

And so the organization got help from the presidential couple, who from the White House answered phone calls from children who wanted to know if Santa Claus would be on time.

In a telephone conversation with the 7-year-old Coleman, Trump asks him if he still believes in Santa Claus. A legitimate question, according to Trump, because ‘when you’re seventh, it’s on the edge, is not it?’, According to the notes from the interview of Witte Huis reporters.

It is unclear what the boy answered, reports the BBC. It is also unclear why Trump asked the question, writes the broadcaster who ‘proves’ with photos that Santa has made his appearance all over the world.
And Santa Claus? He is safely back on the North Pole, reports Norad.

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