Speed ​​violation leads to a fine of 192,000 euros

An unnamed company from Charleroi received a fine of 192,000 euros after a speed camera caught an employee on a company car.

The employee went 72 kilometers per hour in a 50 zone. Normally this would result in a fine of between 200 and 4,000 euros or a (conditional) prison sentence of fifteen days to six months, reports RTL.

Because it was a company car, the employer was given fifteen days to reveal the identity of the driver. Due to “administrative negligence” this never happened and the deadline was missed. The fine was then converted into a fine and increased several times.

The circumstances were exacerbated by the fact that this was not the first time the company was guilty of this, so the police bank again multiplied the fine.

The final result was a penalty of 144,000 euros, and the boss of the company was also sentenced to twelve months conditional and 48,000 euros fine. Total costs: 192,000 euros.

The lawyer of the company has lodged an appeal and received a small discount on the fines. 24,000 euros less for the company, 8,000 less for the boss, it lands a total of 160,000 euros.

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