Parents fly behind the bars because of the unique name of their child

The name selection for your newborn child is usually a well-considered decision. That was also the opinion of the British Adam Thomas and Claudia Patatas when they chose Adolf Hitler for the double name. It gave them a heavy prison sentence.

The choice of the new parents also did not escape the government from which they called in the authorities. They found “disturbing pictures” of the couple with Adolf Hitler in one hand and a swastika flag in the other. In addition, the police also found photos of Thomas in a Ku Klux Klan suit while he was holding his son. The authorities came to the conclusion that the house of the two was permeated by Nazism: knives, crossbows and even pillows that were printed with swastikas.

Judge Melbourne Inman soon came to the conclusion that Thomas and Claudia were members of a neo-Nazi group, the National Action, something that is forbidden. â € œYour organization wants to destroy democracy through heavy violence and murder. Completely according to the style of the Nazis, you wanted to eradicate large parts of our society with mass murder, “according to the judge. He sentenced Claudia to 5 years in prison, Thomas flies for 6.5 behind the bars. Other members were also convicted. And that only because they wanted to give their child a “unique” name.

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