Half of the people with food allergies are actually not allergic

According to a new study, millions of people would mistakenly think they are suffering from a food allergy. Nearly one in two American adults estimates this wrong.
The research by the Anna and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and Northwestern University, published in JAMA Network Open, has shown that nearly half of the adults in the US who think they have food allergies have no symptoms support their claims. This is shown by a study in which 40,000 Americans participated. Although it is assumed that more than 10 percent of adults have a food allergy, 19 percent of the population have the impression of being allergic to a particular ingredient.

No diagnosis

“While we discovered that one in ten adults has a food allergy, almost twice as many people think they are allergic to foods, while their symptoms may also point to food intolerance or other food-related disorders,” says lead researcher Dr. ir. Ruchi Gupta. “It is therefore important to first go to a doctor for a long time before deleting your diet from your diet.”


An allergy to shellfish was most often given up. The researchers also discovered that nearly half of the confirmed food allergies developed among the participants in the study in adulthood. “We were surprised when we found that these allergies often only surfaced during that period,” says Dr. Gupta. “More research is needed to understand why this happens and how we can prevent it.”

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